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I'm old! The wife and I decided we might just sell our 2.5 acre ranchette in horse country, of South Central Florida, in Pioneer Plantation, Hendry County. We are between two towns, the county seat, La Belle, 25 miles away to the West and Clewiston a sugar town, 25 miles to the East. Each town has a municiple airport. Land prices are going up steadily. We had planned to build and indeed, have just finished putting a fence around our 2.5 mini-horse ranchette. Lots of horses around here, most neighbors have them. I'm finding my age and health is more of a factor in building than I figured. So we decided we might just offer our piece for sale and retire to our vacation home in the country of Belize up in the Maya Mountain foothills.

Land in this posh development of rural residents will probably bring $350,000 to $400,000 in eight years, as the BABY BOOMER generation start to retire in big numbers to South Florida and the sub tropical climate. We've been planting Mango trees, bamboo, papaya and that sort of stuff. We'd hoped to build and hold on and make some money. My health isn't that good anymore, so if we get a buyer with $125,000 cash for a QUIT CLAIM DEED. All it takes is a bank, a notary, two witnesses and you can record your title all in one day, or less. We aren't anxious to sell and will continue to persue our building plans for a retirement house on the plot. So no hurry! But prices are rising monthly. Don't know why? But there seems to be a real estate feeding frenzy going on.

Ray transplanting a $100 mango tree.

The price is fixed at $125,000. Won't bargain on it! The way prices are escalating, they are going up monthly. Don't know why? But I suspect it is the effects of early retirement for the baby boom generation? As we make improvements and probably will tackle the electrical meter and connection to the power lines on our sandy street next and after that a deep well, as we go up on weekends from Miami to this retirement place. The price will increase according to what is happening as the year progresses.

You can contact me at: 305 685 9752, or email:


We had this page over the winter months and no bites! Currently ranchettes when they are available are selling for $90,000 last sale. So we have dropped our price to $89,000 for a quick sale, as we are also selling our cars and the house in Miami Gardens and want to be in our new house in the foothills of the Belize Alps by late summer. WE ARE GOING TO RETIRE!!!!!!!

Camping while fence building.
Horse farm ranchettes country in Pioneer Plantation


I love building stuff, but this old body is getting tougher and tougher to push around for more than a couple of hours a day. Our idea is to build a house on this ranchette and retire in our place in Belize and pop up here to South Florida and have a place to stay with excellent emergency services and good medical attention and hospitals in a sparsely populated rural county like Hendry County. We searched a long time before choosing here.

50 miles north of here is the border line between sub tropical climate and temperate zone. Here you can grow coconuts and bananas, mangos and papaya. 50 miles north of here in Florida and you start to get into winter stuff and different vegetation.

Silvia inspecting fence line area
Mini horse ranchette country in Hendry County

Real Estate dealers serving Hendry County area.
Real Pro,, Sugar Realty,, Earnest H. Rawls, Carolyn Thomas Realty,Inc., Dyess Real Estate,, Realty World, New Horizons Real Estate Corp., Southern Land Investments & Real Estate,

It is rare to find a listing for Pioneer Plantation. They only come up for sale when somebody moves out of State, or someone dies. Nobody sells normally, all the conveniences are there along with rural residential living. There are about 150 ranchettes of 2.5 acres and occasionally 5 acres on a pine barrens high sand ridge about 5 miles long and a mile wide. Taxes are low! We have a fire station, community hall, a store, restaurant and paved roads. The nearest gas station is out at the junction to Highway 80 when you leave. This island of horse ranchettes is surrounded by lower cane fields off in the distance. Pine forest is abundant in the subdivision.

Interesting developments! There has always been a demand for Pioneer Plantation ranchettes. Three years ago, there was only one listing in the local real estate companies. At the time, the price was very low and way undervalued. But still nobody wanted to sell. In the last 18 months, as an owner, I've noticed, there have been 4 or 5 sales of properties, which are still way underpriced for such a nice place, where you can have your own riding horses and home. You can commute to Miami to work and many do. Secluded and private on a dead end road. Today the prices still lag market value, IF you can find a place for sale? For the past year I've noticed consummated actual sales have been raising prices about $8,500 per month. Even though the true market value has not yet been reached. Current last sale completed is still about 60% under current market value. If you can find a 2.5 acre ranchette to buy at any price, BUY IT! You can't go wrong!

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Pioneer Plantation, South Florida is a mini-horse ranchette development of a couple hundred lots, each at 2.5 acres each. With roads and power and services.