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About Us
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We are just retirees from Miami, Florida. Here our small amount of capital for living costs stretches more than in the USA with a higher standard of living in Belize. Our study showed it cost $1700 a month to live in Miami and only $350 in Hillview in the Cayo District of Belize.

We just intend to enjoy a nice social life and do our best to leave our chosen community here better than when we arrived. We will foster the arts, sports, music and archeology.

Ray Auxillou spent most of his life in the tourism business out on the Barrier Reef island of Caye Caulker. His grown mature children now do this. Silvia Pinzon his wife spent her life in libraries. Last employed by the Miami Dade Community College system in South Florida. They have been together since 1992 and married since 1996.

Our History

More as a retirement hobby and to make employment for our Hillview community, we have started a Tourist business and arts and crafts community. This is still growing. We welcome other retirees wishing to move here in Western Belize. Our goal is to have fun in life and enjoy it to the fullest. Last year we spent the holidays in Panajchel on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Next year we hope to travel more, to Salvador, Nicaragua and other interesting beautiful places

The ANNUAL MAYA MOUNTAIN FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL, held each year in the Christmas holidays, in Western Belize in the foothills of the Belize Alps.