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This is an ADVENTURE trip out of our ADVENTURE HOSTEL
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This expedition will change your life forever!
Drop back in time 3600 years in XIBALBA to the early first Mayan Empire.

DON'T MISS THIS ADVENTURE! Only discovered a couple of years back, this is now the MAJOR underworld site of the MAYAN lower planes of existence known as XIBALBA (the MAYAN UNDERWORLD of MYTH and SPIRITUALITY).


THE TOP MAYAN ADVENTURE TOUR FOR THREE YEARS IN A ROW! WE OFFER THIS FROM "FALCONVIEW BACK PACK ADVENTURE HOSTEL" in Hillview, Cayo District of Belize. The small number of licensed guides permitted by the government, to conduct this trip are less than the fingers of one hand. One guide is now doing overnight camping trips underground in this massive cave system. Not for the faint of heart believe me!

The Maya believe in a number of planes of existence, above and below this level of reality we sense with only our five organic senses. XIBALBA is the home of lower planes! This underground world of cave ceremonies leads to the levels below our reality. It will make you question your own beliefs and indeed change your life forever more.

In National Geographic Magazine, spelunkers have traveled cave systems from Belize to Guatemala without seeing the light of day, for many, many miles! This ADVENTURE TOUR will transport you back a couple of thousand years, to a time when the Maya entered a cave system lit only by pine splint torches, in a dangerous environment inhabited by Spirits and Gods we find hard to imagine. Wait until you turn the first corner and lose daylight and are submerged in total blackness and sensory deprivation as you go into the cave system, reliant on your life solely by a head lamp.

This trip requires reasonable good health. From where our guides park the vehicle to the cave entrance is a 45 minute hike through the jungle. You will be required to wade across a river three times en-route. The time inside this forbidden cave system runs about 3 1/2 hours. For your safety you will be guided by Cave Guides, wear a hard hat, head lamp and be tethered together by climbing ropes. The route to XIBALBA the underworld of the Maya, takes you through a lower cave system into a higher cave system. The pool of water seperating them was reported to be chest high in December, which you are expected to wade through, wearing a bathing suit is recommended. Far inside you will see an ancient skeleton and pottery untouched for several thousand years. Your safety is our prime concern. All spelunking cave equipment is supplied. This is an adventure in the ancient spiritual world of the Maya you will 'NEVER' forget! Believe me!

To make this ADVENTURE contact us at; FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL. Our hostel dormitory accomodations are only $9 usa plus tax per night in 2007. Lots of FREE amenities and an open kitchen for use by guests. We have showers, hammock room, bunk beds, a communal kitchen where everybody cooks their own. Free coffee as well. For older persons liking more fancy rooms, we can book you into those also, just thirty minutes away. Of all the hotels in the twin agricultural towns in Western Belize, there are only two otherwise remotely considered US standards. Our hostel is fancier than most hotels out here in the Cayo District.

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If you are interested in 10,000 years of Mayan history in the Belize area, CLICK HERE! This is a free book, you can read online, published years ago by the owners of Falconview Hostel.

Oganic Hydroponics Vegetable Project in tropical Belize - CLICK HERE -

STORY of a under forty years single woman living around the Caribbean. My youngest daughter Tina who has a hostel on Caye Caulker and another on Roatan off Honduras CLICK HERE -How to do it!-

TRAVEL TIPS FOR GETTING TO FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACK PACK ADVENTURE HOSTEL! ( bunk beds and camping sites - with free kitchen, hammocks and stuff )
Falconview Back Pack Adventure Hostel
Falconview Back Pack Adventure Hostel and how to get there?

Coming from Caye Caulker and our sister hostel on the beach over by the Barrier Reef ( Tina's Back Pack Hostel ) you will take a taxi from where you leave the water terminal in the port town to the bus terminal. Any bus going to Santa Elena Town will do. The bus stops in the capital of the country at Belmopan. Stay aboard and continue onward out West. About 45 minutes later after leaving BELMOPAN, the bus will stop at a POLICE CHECKPOINT on the highway, a quarter mile before SANTA ELENA town. Look for Plasmet Hardware store on your right. The bus stops for a sleeping policeman about a 100 yards past this. ( a bump of asphalt across the road to slow traffic ). YOU EXIT HERE at the sign for EXIT 66 1/2! You should see the HILLVIEW sign across the road and a sign for EDEN HIGH SCHOOL. The side road goes up the hill to a T junction. Turn left here and proceed up another low hill. At the top is a telephone booth on your right and an Adventist Church on your left with a beautiful view of the Belize River valley and the YALBACK HILLS on the other side. Our Falconview Hostel is three corners down the slope at Earth Street. Turn right and we are on the next corner. Biggest building around, can't miss it. There are about a 100 houses in the suburb of Hillview on the slope of it's own valley ( Green Parrot Valley ). Called that, because in the morning Green Parrot flocks come out of the hills going down to the farms in the Belize Valley to eat fruit from the orchards. The hike is about a half a mile on dirt roads and takes 15 minutes. You will see kids playing marbles on the road, some horses and chickens running around. We are kind of folksy back here! Some people like it, some don't? We like it!

Coming from Guatemala, take a taxi from the border. Best deal around. $10 Bz or $5 usa will bring you directly to the hostel in Hillview - Santa Elena town. The distance is a good 15 miles or more.

Contact us by e-mail: CLICK THIS!

Our phone number is: Belize 663 5580

Falconview Back Pack Adventure Hostel offers many things! We are your home away from home! In the winter you can live here for $330 usa a month. There are beds ( bunk beds ) and camping sites if you have your own tent, a hammock room, tv., shared kitchen - $11 usa per night plus tax for 2008. We also have a furnished Spanish Mission style colonial apartment for $45 a day, $196 a week, or or $425 a month USA currency. We organize and run the Christmas ANNUAL MAYA MOUNTAINS FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL here at the Hostel. In August we have the ANNUAL Mountain Bike Race for the "Tour de Belize" and the AUXILLOU CHALLENGE TROPHY. We have a solar oven, organic garden, urban vegetable hydroponics, music lessons, language lessons. We do Mayan pottery, oil painting, knick knacks for the tourist industry as a community service. We are just plain into having loads of fun!

Make this your headquarters and home away from home while
participating in the many adventures in Western Belize.

Ray Auxillou the patriarch of the Auxillou family!
69 years old and still having adventures. Parafoiling in the mountains!