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Me at age 65 yrs parasailing in the Belize Alps.
I'm 70 years old now and unlikely to do that anymore!

We are really in the ADVENTURE business. Our niche tourist is in their 20's. Usually still in education getting a Bachelors, or Masters Degree and adventurous wanting to see the world before settling down to a career and married family life, which can be for the next 25 years.

Here are the going prices during 2007 for various adventures around Western Belize.

OUR SPECIAL IS A THREE NIGHT STAY AT THE HOSTEL AND TWO DAY ADVENTURE PACKAGE. The usual takers for this are those short on time, with a one week vacation to the offshore barrier reef islands of Belize, doing some sailing and scuba diving, or taking PADI certification. They usually want to split up the vacation and do some inland stuff.

For this we recommend arriving late afternoon by bus at the Hostel and doing the two major Maya ruins out here. These are Xununtanich and Cahel Pech. Xununtanich is late CLASSIC hilltop ruin and Cahel Pech is pre-classic. Both hilltop temple ruins and pyramids cover over 3000 years. We usually stop for lunch at Clarissa Falls and swim between ruins. Price is $22 USA and you have to pay for your own lunch, and archeological site entrance fees. Which are $5 USA each.

The second day we recommend a Tour Guide and arrange for you to do an ALL DAY trip to a remote CAVE entrance called ACTUN TUNICHIL MUCKNAL, which can be arduous, you have to wade and swim some streams and crawl back in PITCH BLACK caves about a mile to get to XIBALBA, a Mayan sacrifical site preserved PRISTINE with skeletons and pottery underground. The Tour Operator supplies a lunch and ropes and cave hats and lamps. This is probably the biggest No. 1 attraction in the Maya circuit covering Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Very popular and 2007 rates were $80 USA and well worth it.

You can do other stuff if you have longer. Here are some rates. We simply hook you up over the phone with whoever is running these adventures.

A six mile up river canoeing trip. $15 USA

14 mile down river canoe trip $27.50 USA

Overnight camping including breakfast $$22.50 USA

Mountain Pine Ridge lower elevations $40 Bz

Caracol major temple ruins, but far away $75 USA

Swimming at the Blue Hole of Maya cenote $35 USA

TIKAL ruins in Guatemala

Barton Creek swimming hole, cave and tubing

( Prices are subject to change without notice ) We get different tour operators, depending on who is available, has a group, or their vehicle hasn't broken down on the rough roads. We can expedite your adventure for you, but don't do them ourselves. We simply have our pulse on who is reputable and is functioning at any given time.


Our hostel is better than most twin town hotels that are charging 4 times the price.
This is our Hostel shuttle to meet you at the bus.
Real tropical and hope for no rain ( laugh! )
Box 276, San Ignacio, Belize, Central America.
telephone: 663 5580


Info on the Actun Tunichil Mucknal cave supreme adventure in the Maya world CLICK HERE

Some inside old shots of Falconview Hostel. CLICK HERE!

Here is the main web page ADVENTURE website for Falconview Hostel CLICK HERE!

Sure write to us, or phone, or email. We try to please and want you to have a trouble free good time. If you enjoy yourself, we are happy with that. For island tourists we like you to phone us when you catch the bus down in the port. We can then meet you at the bottom of our hill here with the vehicle. Sleep that night, adventure next two days and after third night of sleep, catch the early morning bus and be on your way. We get people who are touring Central America and they will stay a week and follow their hobbies.

telephone Belize at: 663 5580
slow mail: Box 276, San Ignacio Post Office, Cayo, Belize