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Courtesay photo of some of rumored gold cache

In the Spring of 2005 rumors began circulating along the border country of Belize with Guatemala, among the Maya population, that a GRINGO had discovered a cache of gold somewhere in a remote cave in the Maya Mountains of Belize.

These four photos were sent courtesy of the finder through middle men, but his identity remains unknown.


What the rumors say, are that a gold cache of unknown origin was found in a small cave buried in bat guano. That the finder, a person studying birds made an accidental discovery and that he left the bulk of the gold cache behind to be dug out later at some other date.


The early morning sun is washing out the color in these photographs, but these are all we have!
The location is somewhere between Raspaculo Creek Canyon and the escarpment leading to Victoria Peak. A fairly large area of the interior of Belize that is remote and contains no people.

Current reports in the media ( July 2005 ) are that the Belize Defense Force have patrols interdicting access across the border high jungles from Guatemala and are scouring the area in between. Ostensibly to stop XATE smuggling out of Belize by mule trains.

No contact is wanted by the author.

We have no other information. Speculation on the gold cache is leaning toward it being part of Montezuma's hidden treasure about 500 years old? Oral history tradition, include along the border, stories of torture and murder by the Conquistadors in the ancient days, of one Mayan Indian man, who the Spanish found had gold jewelry in his hut. They forced him to bring gold nuggets and ornaments back to the Spaniards who were holding his family hostage. His journey took 9 days on foot. So 4.5 days there and back! He was reported killed under torture by the Spanish in the oral history of the area. The oral history says the poor man, pointed the Spaniards to the lakes of the Peten area as the source of his hidden cache. It could be in his agony and anger he gave them directions in the opposite direction? It has been thought that the lakes region of the Peten is where Montezuma's treasure is hidden and most explorations for Montezuma's Treasure over the last few centuries have taken place here? There is no way to tell the archeological age of gold ornaments. It could be 5000 years old, or a few hundred years old. The nearest gold mining is 50 miles away and is placer gold in Belize and not the same as this cache.

CARACOL THE ANCIENT CAPITAL OF THE MIDDLE MAYAN FEUDAL TIMES IS ABOUT 40 MILES AWAY AS THE PARROT FLIES. Causeways, or raised roads litter the jungles in this once heavily populated area.