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Belize Alps mountain bike racing
This is a very remote area without any facilities.

There are now EIGHT backpacker hostels in Belize. Three are on Caye Caulker in which Tina's Backpackers Hostel on the beachfront is the best, being right on the beach. Tina put her hostel on Caye Caulker under a manager and has built and opened another hostel, 200 miles across the Gulf of Honduras of the Caribbean Sea on the island of Roatan, one of the three Bay Islands of Honduras. She commutes back and forth. There are two more on the tourist fishing island of Caye Caulker just inside the Great Barrier Reef besides Tina's eleven year old hostel. These two are on the back streets. Don't have their names yet.

There is a 40 bed hostel on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye inside the Great Barrier Reef, 15 miles north of Caye Caulker, called PEDROS INN. This is a party place with bar and pizza and 40 beds I hear. Haven't seen it myself.

Then there is the inland hostel of FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL, that can keep you busy with different adventures for at least 8 days, and more, if you so desire, every day doing something adventurous and different. This one is located in the foothills of the Belize Alps in Santa Elena, Cayo West about 12 miles from the frontier with Guatemala. Recently just this March, a second hostel opened also across the Macal river on the Bullet Tree village road about 2 miles away. Prices are more or less comparable, around $10 usa or less, plus accomodations tax.

We have just added a hostel in Sarteneja and there is not quite a hostel but almost by the airstrip in Corozal. Another hostel has opened in Dangriga on the coast. Val's Backpackers Hostel on #1 Sharp Street in Dangriga Town. This is mostly a Garifuna town serving a citrus producing valley in the hinterland.

Tobacco Caye has some reasonable camping I believe and maybe beds, but it is certainly a picture postcard little island right on top of the Great Barrier Reef next to the reef channel into the ocean.

Downtown San Ignacio town has several small hotels with moderate priced rooms around $20 usa.

CLICK HERE for the website of "FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL" in Western Mountainous Belize, for pyramid ruins, Mayan caves, and many other adventures.

For hotels of different sizes and prices around the country of Belize, the most comprehensive guide is a website called "TOUCAN TRAILS" by the government. There is another accurate source called ", message board"

Another good web site source is "Belize North".

For people interested in Retiring in Belize, CLICK HERE for information and first hand experiences.

Here is a list of HOSTELS in Belize and places that are like hostels even if they don't call themselves such. This web page is published courtesy of Falconview Tourist Backpackers Adventure Hostel in Western Belize, the ADVENTURE place for those in their 20's and 30's seeing the world for the first time. Information is kept up to date as best we can.

Here's a list from Lan Sluder,

Tina's Backpackers Adventure Hostel on the beach, Caye Caulker -- Been around for a dozen years, well recommended.

Blue Wave Guesthouse, Caye Caulker, on one of the back streets when high season overflows need it.

Falconview Tourist Backpackers Adventure Hostel, Santa Elena Town. This a clean Spanish Hacienda place, tiled floor, arched rooms, built especial for the hostel customer wanting to save money, place to leave their valuables and a place to headquarter while doing many days of adventures in the Western Belize foothills of the Belize Alps. $11 usa plus tax, a night in 2007. They also have a furnished apartment to rent for couples, families and groups. They will arrange tour operators FREE to keep you going from one day adventure and expedition to another without a break.

Cayo Backpackers Hostel, a new place 2007 just opened on the Bullet Tree village road, San Ignacio Town. Regular designed hostel for $10 or $11 usa a night. Take a taxi to get there. On the Bullet Tree village road.

Pedro's Backpacker Inn, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. 40 beds
Not sure what they charge for dorm beds, but they advertise pizza and a beer bar.

Val's Backpackers Hostel in Dangriga Town on the coast, a Garifuna town serving the citrus Pomona Valley. 2008.

Nature's Way Guesthouse, Punta Gorda

This is in the Toledo coast district port capital. Advertises as a hotel, but is primitive and rustic. No price available.

Depending on how you define hostel, you could also include a number of other places, including

The Trek Stop in Succotz

This is cabins in the jungle 3 miles outside of the village of Succotz, across from the Mopan River, Xununtanich ruins. The word I got, was it is 3 miles inland from Succotz and the Xununtanich ruins, with a price of $20 usa a night and you have to take a taxi between 3 and 10 miles to anything else. I got this info from a travel forum of visitors.

Amigos on Turneffe atoll

Couldn't find any prices. But advertises fly fishing for the sportsman, pristine flats and fishing. Remote area, sometimes mosquitoes and horseflies in that area. Should be right on the shore though. Might have the accomodations of a hostel, but doubt it is, more like a fly fishing niche.

Glovers Reef Resort on Glovers atoll
This has very primitive cabins on the shore on the edge of the reef. But not a hostel in the sense of prices, being $99 to camp with your tent on this small island and $150 to have a very primitive cabin. More of a high end adventure resort than a hostel I would say.

Tobacco Caye on the Barrier Reef

Two or three of the places on Tobacco Caye, including Gaviota and Tobacco Paradise

Tobacco Caye is a photogenic picture postcard place, the sort of island you see in photographs. Having commercial fished around the country of Belize and dived all my life, I wouldn't put Tobacco Caye at the top of fishing places. It's more of a romantic place, tiny sandy island, coconut trees and clear emerald green water inside the lagoon and blue ocean water outside. You can swim outside, no strong current. The island sits on the side of the channel through the reef.

The island is owned by private people with small lots. Couldn't find any accomodation prices, but the boat fare from Dangriga Town is $35 each way, to and back in 2007 I hear. 9 or 10 miles depending on weather from the river in Dangriga on the coast.

Hummingbird HideAway, near Corozal Town

This is advertised as camping and cabins by the airstrip just out of Corozal town. The price advertised was $28 for a dorm room bed. Some hotel rooms in town are $20 to $25.

Spiritwind Reef Resort, Dangriga (the dorm section)
This one is listed as everything, from Eco Lodge, to Resort, to Hotel and Hostel. It is on the beach in Dangriga Town and no price advertised that we could find, but has private cabanas and a restaurant and can organize all kinds of sea orientated trips to the barrier reef about 10 miles away.

BFREE, Bladen, Toledo
This one has dormitory bunk beds and is advertised more to do with nature research for University and research groups. No prices advertised though. It is in a remote area.

Paradise Vacation Hotel, Placencia village on the Peninsular Couldn't find anything on this one on the internet.

SARTENJA village on the point area of northern Belize of Chetumal Bay. A farming village and wood boat building place. Backpackers Paradise has camping for $2.50 usa and Double bed cabana for $10 usa. Horses are $12.50 per hour and a half. Young foreign couple settled in Belize and started it.

Ray Auxillou, 70 years old in 2007
We have MARIMBA CD'S from the Maya Mountains Folk Music Festival held annually at FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL.

Organic Tropical Hydroponic Vegetable Experimental Project done at Falconview Hostel out Western Belize as a community development project for poverty alleviation - CLICK HERE -

Story of an under forty years old single woman living around the Caribbean. This is my youngest daughter Tina and she has a Hostel on Caye Caulker, Belize and another on Roatan island off Honduras. HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF! CLICK HERE!

FLASH NEWS - September 2007.

Two Belgian girls showed us their new 2008 European Backpackers Hostel Guide Book. We in the French version they showed us, were rated EXCELLENT! The best in Belize probably. They told us the book came out in different European languages. How nice! A 5 star rating in Backpacker Hostels? FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL in Santa Elena Town, Western Belize.

Here is a webpage that tells you the cheapest way to travel between Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, along the Caribbean coastline. Using pangas, water taxis, small puddle jumper airlines, and local chicken buses, or mini-vans. - CLICK HERE! -

This is the wildest adventure in three countries to do with the Maya. A mile underground to the sacrificial alter at the entrance to XIBALBA, the entry into the lower 9 planes of existance of the Maya theology. CLICK HERE!

This is a news blog on the WESTERN BELIZE RECREATIONAL AREA. Kept up several times weekly, with interesting photos. CLICK HERE!

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