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This is an ADVENTURE trip out of our ADVENTURE HOSTEL

This is an ADVENTURE trip out of our ADVENTURE HOSTEL
Contact Us at Falconview Back Pack Adventure Hostel

We are out to have loads of fun and adventure!

This ADVENTURE is only one of many we offer. One of the better ones as it will change your life forever!
This Falconview Adventure Hostel is owned by Ray Auxillou, patriarch of the Auxillou family. We have another family hostel on the island of Caye Caulker, owned by a daughter TINA. There are some condo's, guest houses, wind surfing shops and that sort of tourist orientated thing. The family has been in tourism in Belize since 1964. Indeed we pioneered it along with many other advancements in the country.

Our family can give you scuba diving lessons, dive the Blue Hole of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, take moonlight sailing trips, snorkeling, and so forth. The four Auxillou sisters, organize and run ROMANTIC WEDDINGS, exotic travel groups from Italy and Marine Biology Expeditions, Anthropology college groups into remote jungle villages. The old patriarch out in Western Belize, supposedly retired is still running adventure trips. At 68 years he is parafoiling in the mountains, flying small planes, organizing Mountain Music Festivals, or rough Mountain Bike races through the Belize Alps.
The motto out here, is to have fun! Because you only go around once baby!

Our History

We don't do tourism for money! We have to get some to pay the bills, but we do it for the fun! If we didn't have fun, we would quit in a flash and do something mundane like grow sugar cane, or bananas, or something dull like that. One thing you can be sure of, it won't be dull! ACTUN TUNICHIL MUKNAL is definitely not dull. Especially if your head lamp goes out due to a dead battery. Then you will get an adrenaline rush like you wouldn't believe, lost in the pitch dark of the underground caves of the Maya world of XIBALBA.

Falconview Back Pack Adventure Hostel offers many things! We are your home away from home! In the winter you can live here for $330 usa a month. There are beds ( bunk beds ) and camping sites if you have your own tent, a hammock room, tv., shared kitchen - $11 usa per night plus tax for 2008. We also have a furnished Spanish Mission style colonial apartment for $45 a day, $196 a week, or or $425 a month USA currency. We organize and run the Christmas ANNUAL MAYA MOUNTAINS FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL here at the Hostel. In August we have the ANNUAL Mountain Bike Race for the "Tour de Belize" and the AUXILLOU CHALLENGE TROPHY. We have a solar oven, organic garden, urban vegetable hydroponics, music lessons, language lessons. We do Mayan pottery, oil painting, knick knacks for the tourist industry as a community service. We are just plain into having loads of fun!

Make this your headquarters and home away from home while
participating in the many adventures in Western Belize.

Ray Auxillou the patriarch of the Auxillou family!
69 years old and still having adventures. Parafoiling in the mountains!